Human decision-making is complicated. The brain is a web of complexity, but driven by underlying needs, emotions, contextual meaning, and actions. Every brand touchpoint can shape memories, emotions and ultimately brand consideration, which is why we believe it’s important to keep human understanding at the heart of CX measurement, exploration, strategy and implementation.

At UNLIMITED, we use these principles to create smart CX solutions and impactful comms, putting all this into action to build intuitive, end-to-end solutions. This webinar showcases our specialist CX capabilities through real case studies for brands that leverage the power of emotions to engage consumers across the customer journey.

Catch up with this webinar to learn:

✅ How neuroscience can unlock and harness the senses across multiple brand touchpoints

✅ How behavioural patterns hidden in data can drive long-term customer value

✅ How authentic, behaviourally driven engagement techniques foster cut-through and action from customers